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Crown Repair

The cracks and breaking down of this chimney crown have reached a critical point. If this isn’t repaired soon, it can destroy the whole crown and eventually the chimney. If you have a crown that is made of concrete, motor or liners….. you need to have an inspection done regularly! Crowns such as the one in the picture needs to be fully rebuilt. Cracked and broken crowns can lead to many more problems down the road. We are fully licensed professionals when it comes to these repairs. Give us a call today to make sure your chimney crown is in good condition!


If you’ve been having problems with your chimney cap… we can help! We carry a wide variety of venting and caps. Chimney caps help prevent from water entering the chimney, keeps animals from entering our home and helps protect the roof from burning embers that can start a house fire. When water enters the chimney it can cause deterioration problems within the structure. When mixed with certain types of soot, it can become even more harmful. If you have water running down during the cold season where we’re prone to freezing… this can cause your crown and liner to freeze and crack the structure and mortar. Keeping animals out keeps the chimney free from blockages. Blockages can cause soot, smoke and carbon monoxide to backup into the home. Since the chimney cap is at the top of the vent, you can get burning embers from your fire all the way to the top! These burning embers can cause chimney and house fires and damages to your roof. A chimney cap helps avoid those issues when you have a spark arrestor that prevents those embers from escaping!


This chimney liner is cracked and can result in harmful gasses or even fire to seep into your house. We offer liner repair or full replacement. Usually, the best solution is to insert a stainless-steel liner into the existing chimney. Over time the intense heat, weather conditions and everyday wear and tear can cause a cracked or broken liner. For a liner to work as intended, it must be free of cracks, holes, or damages of any kind. When you start to see breakdown of the liner, the following issues can become a major problem! Liners that are beginning to fail can put your family at risk to being exposed to creosote, smoke or even carbon monoxide into the home! Get an inspection today!

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